Digital Art: The Best Drawing Apps for NFT Artists

Are you a digital painter looking to bank in on the NFT craze? Here are the best digital art software options to create the best NFT art in 2022.

Along with paper, pencil, and paint, you’ll need professional tools to succeed as a digital illustrator. There are many useful technologies, but the application you choose to make your artwork and show your talent is the most crucial.

Digital art allows you to repair mistakes made during the painting at any moment, with great ease, and with the press of a button. It also allows you to fully modify the elements of the drawing, allowing the user to change, resize, and copy pieces, as well as reuse many of these elements in other drawings.

Here are the best apps for NFT artists that provide the tools to get the most out of every project. We are sure you will find the app that best suits your workflow style.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop, being one of the most popular digital art programs, also has excellent drawing capabilities. You’ll get access to hundreds of brushes in various types and thicknesses, allowing you to draw, paint, or even work on your creativity. Adobe apps can match your style, no matter how unique your graphics are. 

Plus, tools like Creative Cloud Libraries make it simple to switch between devices and keep drawing. Before choosing Photoshop as your favorite digital painting tool, you may try out the full range of its artistic skills with a free trial. Adobe is also expected to introduce Photoshop on the web. This allows for quick access and collaboration without the need of running a desktop program.

Adobe Illustrator

While Photoshop is suitable for a wide range of artistic tasks, Illustrator is designed exclusively for radial graphics. Brushes, coloring options, filters, and XNUMXD effects are just a few of the drawing tools available. Whether it’s a simple logo or background illustrations for a complete website, you have everything you need for digital art. 

Remember that Illustrator’s user interface is just as detailed as Photoshop’s. You should conduct some research and practice if you’re new to the app or digital painting in general. If you require Adobe Illustrator, there are always browser-dependent alternatives, and it’s always a good idea to have a lot of web resources on hand.

For any digital artist, Adobe programs are strong candidates, but Corel is just as powerful, if not more so. Its goal is to make drawing tools and their efficiency as smooth, professional, and comprehensible as possible. At the end of the free trial period, Corel Painter will become expensive, but this investment means you probably won’t need any other application. It is, however, functional as many popular apps like Photoshop, as well as a number of operating systems and devices. From the default paint smoothness and texture to the quantity of out-of-the-box functions that are ready to adapt to any design and workflow, Corel Painter is likely to wow.

At first glance, this app might seem a bit complicated for someone who has never used a design app before. The app gives you opportunities to experiment with different useful tools and buttons. And the Procreate community page is where you can truly develop your skills with this app and get the most out of it. Many professional artists and tutorials are available to help digital artists of all skill levels. 

On the other hand, compared to other apps, you can buy this software once and use it without any limits. To realize how good Procreate is, you may check out the animation function to see how it can help you bring your work to life.

Rebelle 4

Rebelle 4 may be the appropriate choice for you if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but yet want powerful tools for designing digital graphics. You’ll get a fantastic range of tools, including brushes and painting features that have been carefully created. You may paint, blend, layer, and even rotate the canvas. 

The Rebelle 4 has everything in terms of usability and performance. Among its many features, it’s easy enough to use to make it easy to navigate. Multi-touch gestures are also available for working on projects with your fingers. This is an excellent example of a digital art app that can take you far on a small budget. In the end, your success as an artist depends on how well you use the resources at your disposal, not how much money you spend on them.

Autodesk SketchBook Pro

Autodesk SketchBook Pro is a popular drawing application used all around the world. Professional digital painting tools are included in this app. It differs in support of the tablets sensitive to pressings. The program allows users to customize the brush stroke’s form and thickness. You can easily adjust the toolbar and workspace while you’re drawing. Multiple layers can also be added to a single drawing. 

Moreover, it is possible to cancel an incorrect action. And files can be e-mailed or printed by JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and more image formats. For beginners, it is recommended to use an advanced step-by-step tutorial to guide them through the application interface, which is easy and clear. Autodesk SketchBook Pro has other advantages, e.g. the camera can scan a paper drawing and import it into the application with a transparent background. You can also have a large user community for continued support.

Affinity Designer

With a one-time purchase of the app along with the desktop version, it’s no wonder that this application has grabbed the interest of many people looking for the finest digital painting app. 

This drawing program is an update for the Affinity Designer desktop that allows you to create vector or pixel art (you can switch between them). The application is quite similar to Adobe. Brushes and color sets are used to provide a high-quality drawing function in the application. Options for interacting with layers, adjusting to the touch screen, and converting the channel to 16 bits have been developed as significant features of the application. 

A powerful history panel remembers your transactions (up to 8192) and allows you to undo any of them. Also, it features a large tutorial library and a growing community of creative people that use it in their work.

MediBang Paint

There are a lot of free drawing applications for iPad and Android tablets, but MediBang Paint is one of the best, and it’s not just because it’s ad-free. A simple, easy-to-understand, and quick program that can also be installed on your computer with only a few simple steps.

If you still register for free and make an account with MediBang, you will have access to all features (cloud saving, teamwork and more). More than 1000 types of tools are included in the application, including brushes, fonts, ready-made backgrounds, and other resources for making cartoons.

The library’s “materials” are well-organized and may be downloaded with a click of the mouse. MediBang Paint, like any other popular graphics editor, allows you to deal with picture layers. The application has a very active community, with users who are continuously sharing new advancements and creating tutorials.


Krita is a program designed primarily for drawing on a computer, but it can also be used to retouch pictures and modify vector files. This application was originally made for Linux as part of the KDE desktop and was part of the Calligra Suite. In May 2014, the first stable version for Windows was published, and it included all of the program’s previous features.

The application’s interface has been influenced by both Adobe products and applications such as Corel, so any user familiar with Photoshop will be able to quickly and easily master this program. The application comes with a huge number of brushes and other tools, as well as the ability to work with layers, most of image formats, cropping, vector alterations, a color palette, and numerous filters for picture retouching. 

The nicest part of the Krita app is that it’s completely free and GNU-licensed. This is more than just a good alternative to paid applications – it’s a free editor with a lot of features.


Artists that want more drawing tools and less radial work often use Artweaver. There is a free, fully-featured version, but many additional interesting features, such as invert colors in paint and complex palettes, are only available to premium subscribers. 

You do, however, receive some good tools for drawing, coloring, and editing to create things that you like. The so-called Artweaver events are one feature that may interest art educators or influencers. The application tracks and saves each project’s progress. Then, you can reproduce your illustration step by step.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint Pro is tough to beat for comics, character art, and concept art. It has a traditional drawing feel, as well as incredibly accurate pen pressure detection and all of the drawing features you’ll need. It’s designed for Wacom drawing tablets, so if you have one, give it a shot. Other tablets, however, are also supported. 

Thousands of customized brushes are available, and the creators release new paint materials every month to help you in creating the greatest art possible. 

Other people add to the material collection as well, so there are plenty of options for getting the work done. Clip Studio Paint Pro is basically a low-cost version of Corel Painter.

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