Best NFT Launchpad for DeFi and GameFi Projects

Are you looking for the best NFT launchpad to raise funds for your DeFi and GameFi projects? In this article, you will find out everything you need to know.

NFTs are evolving day by day, and more and more users are releasing content, exploring utilities, and building exciting projects. This market continues to expand and gives every creator and developer the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.

NFT Launchpad helps users quickly mint and launch NFT projects, including minting and marketing their NFTs. AirNFTs will provide a springboard for NFT projects by raising awareness and funds through crowdfunding. Holders of the native token, $AIRT, will have exclusive access to NFT pre-sale and carefully selected projects for the launch pad. Through (INO) Initial NFTs Offering Launchpad with AirNFTs, you can discover how to raise cash for your DeFi and GameFi project using NFT Launchpad.

What is an NFT Launchpad?

NFT launchpad is a place/platform designed for creators, artists, and investors to presale, mint, or release their projects. Creators can raise funds to build, launch projects, or do the marketing of their projects with the help of launchpads. In short, creators reach their projects to the audience due to launchpads.

Launchpads are similar to IDO launchpads but are specific to NFT creators and enthusiasts. To get started, the creators or investors send their project to the NFT launchpad community with their details about the project. After sending the project to the community a robust verification is done. The community accepts the creator’s project if finds the project promising. Then the project is enlisted on the launchpad.

Launching the project via a launchpad helps investors buy the item before it is officially launched and even bargain with the creators. Creators can also decide the amount of NFTs they create and whether they would like to sell their NFTs at a set price or at an auction.

NFT Launchpad is a multi-chain platform with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon already integrated and provides an accessible and secure platform for NFT lovers. NFT Launchpad is supported by Finixio – one of the world’s leading digital media organizations.

Introducing the AirNFTs Launchpad

AirNFTs was the first to organize an NFT-based launchpad program on the platform. They wanted to announce the AirNFTs public raise as the first NFT launchpad ever organized.

AirNFTs users will have the opportunity to purchase these launchpad NFTs that will be converted into AIRT tokens at the end of the program.

They have allocated 20% of the total supply for the public launchpad program. They have always wanted to be a community-first funded project, where their users would have a word in the future direction of the project.

Since the project has never sold any tokens to private investors, they decided the best way to kick start a fundraiser was to make sure their users have the same opportunities that private investors would otherwise have.

Benefits of owning $AIRT

  1. You may decide on the future of the project by participating in vote and governance.
  2. You will be able to stake $AIRT and earn rewards.
  3. You may be provided exclusive allocation spots in future launchpads on the platform.
  4. You can earn even more rewards by participating in liquidity mining programs.
  5. Team will allocate raised funds to boost development to ship royalties, auctions and cross chain faster.
  6. You can earn trading fees from provided liquidity on DEXes.
  7. Users trade AIRT without price impact.
  8. The team will add AIRT/BNB liquidity for trading for those willing to sell later or speculate.
  9. Discounts, AIRT will be the utility token for all activities on the platform.

So, to provide much-needed traction and raise funds, AirNFTs:

  • Allow AIRT token holders early access to public sales of attractive NFT projects,
  • Provide project exposure to the AirNFT audience and partner ecosystem,
  • List your NFTs on the marketplace for more NFT Trading,
  • Examine your project framework and make sure it meets community standards.

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