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The State of Web3 Film

Royalties aren’t the only reason directors and producers turn to NFTs — they also offer a new way for filmmakers to connect with audiences.

Publishing a Book as an NFT

NFTs are already paving the way for a new market for the book industry. Books as NFTs will revolutionize the way authors market and monetize their work.

How to Gift NFTs This Holiday Season

Giving an NFT as a gift to your loved one that is excited or curious about NFTs could be a unique, trendy, and fun choice for their birthday or the holidays.

Generative Art NFTs Explained

There have been created different types of NFTs since the drastic evolution of this asset class, from static to dynamic and now generative art NFTs.

Best Ways to Get Free NFTs

If you want to take part in the NFT market but don’t have any money, there are many ways of getting free NFTs without creating one. Let’s find out how.

WHAT IS SOUND.XYZ? is a new-generation music platform that enables lesser and medium-known musicians to make money through NFTs. Read on to learn more.

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