Holidays in the Metaverse: How to Book Your Holiday in VR?

Now it is possible to visualize and book your vacation spot in virtual reality due to Next Earth and Lomob. Read on to know how this special partnership works.

One can now view and book vacations in the Metaverse thanks to Next Earth and LoMob. Vueling Airlines plays a significant role in developing tools and services to plan these extraordinary trips. In addition, you can book your flights and holidays in the metaverse.

This is a world first and introduces a transport layer to the metaverse. It opens up a whole new world to view without leaving your home. In fact, this might change how and why travelers interact in journey purchases.

Book Your Holiday in VR Metaverse!

Next Earth and Lomob plan to solve real-world issues with their VR metaverse technology. Next Earth is a sustainability-focused metaverse that has more than 45,000 virtual landowners.

Lomob is an innovative blockchain company that is developing a decentralized protocol for the world’s initial mobility marketplace network. Together, and with the support of Vueling Airlines, they use virtual reality and augmented reality to provide the best travel experience.

Users can track carbon emissions and book “carbon positive” transportation through the metaverse and Lomob’s exciting app.

“We are working with Next Earth to create the transportation infrastructure that enables a more exciting, purposeful, and immersive way to traverse the planet,” said Boyd Cohen, CEO of Iomob. “Airlines are actively strategizing about how to bring their presence into the Metaverse, so extending our relationship with Vueling Airlines to augment their Web3 bookings is a fantastic initiative for everyone.”

Finally, the VR experience will significantly impact the travel industry. If successful, it won’t be long before others are also looking to enter the market. This is a world first and introduces a transport layer to the metaverse.

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