How to Sell NFTs: A Step by Step Guide

Welcome to the digital frontier, where innovators like you are discovering new uses for cryptocurrencies. Learn the step-by-step process of selling an NFT as a creator and a trader.

According to Google Trends, users of the largest search engine search for information about NFT more often than about cryptocurrencies. However, bitcoin remains the leader in search queries.
The increase in the number of searches with the word “NFT” indicates the growth of users’ interest in collectible tokens. This is promoted by the entry of such popular companies as Nike and Adidas into the sphere of NFT, as well as by the release of their collectible tokens by musician Snoop Dogg and the Russian band “Hands Up”.

For now, however, bitcoin remains the leader in search queries. Neither cryptocurrencies or NFT could not equal bitcoin in the number of requests. With the exception of one country, NFT is searched more frequently in Japan. Among these searches, NFT accounts for 52% and bitcoin for 32%.

Construct a Web3 Wallet

You’ll need a wallet to create, send, and receive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) because they’re blockchain-based assets. You must also fund your wallet in order to pay the transaction fees associated with your transactions.

Because most NFT platforms are built on Ethereum, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet to pay transaction fees in their native currency, ETH.
The Metamask wallet extension for Chrome or any other browser is highly recommended by most experts. You can use the extension to connect to an NFT marketplace and use related services directly from your browser.

When you first install and run Metamask, you’ll be given a 12-word recovery phrase. Make a copy of your ETH address and save it in a secure offline location.

Then, from a cryptocurrency exchange or broker, purchase ETH and send it to your Metamask ETH wallet address.

When you use a broker like BC Bitcoin, all you have to do is provide your address at the point of purchase, and they’ll transfer the coins to your address. If you use an exchange, however, you’ll have to withdraw the ETH after you’ve purchased it.

Most platforms allow you to pay with a credit/debit card or a bank account. Make the purchase and send at least £150 in ETH to your Metamask address in either case.

Get Your Artwork Ready

By now, you’ve most likely completed your artwork. If you don’t have any, you can create a one-of-a-kind sample artwork.

Look through the aforementioned marketplaces for ideas on what makes the best-selling NFT art. With a maximum size of 100MB, your NFT can be a video, audio, image, or 3D model.

Post your work on the NFT Marketplace

Connect your Ethereum wallet to your preferred NFT minting and selling platform. Because it is the most widely used option at the time of writing, this tutorial uses


How to go about it:


Make Your Content Visible

OpenSea and other marketplaces use social proof as one of the criteria for approving content creators. You must include the number of social media channels you actively manage and share your NFT collection with the public at least once, according to OpenSea.

As a result, make it a goal to inform your audience that you’re branching out into NFTs as soon as you print your first batch. Experts also advise releasing free edition NFTs to increase your OpenSea following and sales.

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