What are NFT Displays and How to Choose One?

Whether you try to sell your NFTs or if you just want to showcase your rare piece of digital art, this guide will help to display your NFTs in all their glory.

NFTs are everywhere right now. More and more people are dipping their toes in the NFT waters now. NFTs have become a kind of cultural movement with even Hollywood embracing the trend.

Nowadays even celebrities are launching their own NFT collections. Some prominent studios are releasing NFTs to hype up a movie release. There are artists, who are partaking in this zeitgeist hoping to sell their work as an NFT.

And sometimes art collectors spend thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars to buy digital pieces of art. Thus it is natural that these art collectors want to show off their art a little bit.

In the case of physical artworks, you can easily show them off by framing and putting them above a fireplace, in a gallery, or on an easel. But it is difficult for creators and collectors to showcase their digital art collections.

The options of displaying this booming art type aren’t very versatile right now as we’re still in a very early stage. You can display your NFT collection in a few ways.

Printing NFTs

The cheapest way of showcasing your digital still-image is by printing it like other images. It is also possible to attach a QR code for verification or for purchase. There are even brands like Solid that employ advanced technologies to provide high-definition printing services to their clients.

Turning to this printing company you won’t have to worry about canvas size, type of paper, frame quality, print size, and durability.

The only thing you have to do is to find a perfect place for displaying the artwork.

Digital NFT Frames

Digital NFT frames are a cool way to showcase your art as they allow you to exhibit NFTs that exist in the form of videos or GIFs. The digital frames connect with your crypto wallet and display any NFT you hold in your wallet. There is a variety of options with different shapes and sizes.

When choosing a digital frame the two most important factors are the price point and whether it’ll support your NFT file format.

Here are the most popular NFT frames on the market:

1. Tokenframe

The Tokenframe is an NFT display frame that connects to your wallet via the Tokenframe App and casts your NFTs directly from your wallet. This high-end frame is available in various sizes and resolutions like 1080p, 2K, and 4K.

You can choose from four elegant anti-glare frame designs including birch, mahogany, black, and white. The frames have also other features like auto-rotation and a rotating wall mount so your frame can be easily rotated 90 degrees, similar to your smartphone.

This frame comes with built-in stereo speakers and even a headphone jack to immerse yourself in the NFT experience.

The mobile app allows you to control various aspects of the NFT display, for example, you can change your NFT’s fill/fit, border color, border width, and other smart settings. These sleek frames look extremely sophisticated.

The price of a 10″ frame is around $333 and goes up to $1,999 for the biggest 33″ frame. It is also possible to pay using ETH, BTC, and CAD cryptocurrencies.

2. Infinite Objects

Infinite Objects Inc produces digital frames that are the best option for displaying the video-format NFTs. These frames include QR codes that link to the unique verification details and can display gifs, memes and other types of animations.

These electricity-powered displays are of high-quality and last about 2 hours on battery. The frame plays your video on a loop forever and brings out the various features and actions incorporated in your crypto art. No other additional software is involved.

For getting your video NFT, first of all, you should upload the video file on the Infinite Object website. Then you will have to pay from $79 to $450+ depending on the type of frame you choose. You receive your NFT within a few weeks and it comes to life for the first time in your hands.

The 5″ and 7″ size frames are in an acrylic or bamboo style. You can also pay with the cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, and USDC.

The company plans to launch a feature specifically for printing NFTs where the NFT will have verification details and the artist’s signature built into the back to verify ownership of NFT in real life as well.

3. Meural Canvas

The Meural Canvas is a digital frame created by Netgear and can display any of your photos and videos. You can directly display your NFTs on the canvas by connecting your crypto wallet to the app.

The frame is available in multiple sizes: 13.5″ x 7.5″, 16″ x 24″, or 19″ x 29″. Meural allows you to display your NFTs as well as any other moments you want after making a one-time investment.

This frame comes in a few colors like black, white, and dark and light wood. The prices of this frame start from $299 for the smallest size and go up to $599.

The Meural app allows you to create playlists and even invite your family members and friends to share content to your canvas directly.

4. Qonos

Qonos frames were created by Moe Levin. They support images, videos, GIFs, and can even be customized for full websites. Note, that Qonos also has a $500 million worth of digital art library which anyone with the Qonos hardware can explore and display on their frame.

You can also use curated art playlists to display art based on different moods. But keep in mind that if you want to display art from Qonos’ library, artist or owner attribution credits accompany the artwork.
The price of the 17.3-inch model can cost around $999 and the 24-inch version around $1499. The frame includes an integrated graphics processor for a seamless display of animations.
The screen is 1920×1080 px. The proximity and motion sensors save energy, and the automatic display comes alive only when there’s someone in the room.

5. Canvia

Partnering with Pixeos Canvia.art has created a highly innovative digital frame. It is possible for the users to display their own art or any other artwork on this frame. The elegantly handcrafted frame is easy to set up in offices as well as homes.

Using Canvia you can loop multiple art pieces in a single frame. The Canvia frame also has access to thousands of artwork from the Pixeos Gallery.

6. Tokencast

Tokencast.net digital picture frames have software that will loop the artwork and help verify the QR codes. Tokencast was built by web3 developer Cody Born and can display NFTs no matter where they have been minted.

One can use these frames to cast images onto the LED TVs as well as on the smartphone. The display is clear and sharp because of the higher level of configuration. The frame connects to your Ethereum or Tezos wallet and displays the NFTs of your wallet.

Displaying NFTs Online

Displaying your digital art online is in most cases significantly cheaper than displaying it in your home and more people around the world are likely to see it here too. Let’s check out a few of the existing options.

There are online galleries that put your work on display in a simple profile resembling an Instagram page and include social features so that others can like, comment on, or share your collection with a wider audience.


Connect your crypto wallet to the site, and Showtime will instantly generate an aesthetic profile that prominently features all of the NFTs in your collection. It allows you to follow other users, comment on and like any of their NFTs, and even make offers to buy work from others’ collections.


Lazy is an online NFT art gallery that provides a simple and uninspired way for collectors to display their NFTs online. We should note that Lazy lacks all of the key social features found in Showtime and only offers collectors a simple page to display their NFTs.


OpenSea is one of the best places to display your crypto art collection as it is the largest NFT marketplace online today. The site allows you to buy, sell art and look at the works collected by other NFT enthusiasts. Connect your crypto wallet to the site and watch your collection immediately on the screen.

To sum up, we may say that many companies are getting into the game of NFT picture frames because of the rise of NFT art. There are certain factors to consider before choosing the best way to display the NFT art: file format of the NFT, storage capacity of the frame and quality.

The best choice depends on your NFT type and personal preferences. So, do your own research and consider all options before choosing.

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