Pre-Framed NFTs: What They are

Pre-framed NFTs aim to make crypto art more approachable.

Maybe you’re intrigued by NFTs. (They often make us happy.) Maybe you’ve even felt the urge to buy a piece of digital art, but you didn’t go through with it because all the talk about wallets, blockchain transactions, gas prices, and the limits of digital ownership was too scary. And the industry of NFT is daunting! Especially for non-technical folks. Some businesses are trying to make the acquisition process easier by selling NFT videos pre-installed in digital photo frames that you can buy, have sent to you, and then put on your desk or wall next to your photos and other artworks.


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This week, Lauren Goode takes us into the world of pre-marked NFTs and the markets that drive them. He also tells us about the video of Steph Curry currently brightening up his kitchen counter.

Show Notes

Read Lauren’s story about framed NFT art. Listen to our last year’s episode WTF is an NFT. Here’s an Infinite Objects Elon Musk NFT that your stomach can take.


Lauren recommends mineral sunscreens. Mike recommends the casual mobile game Holedown.

Lauren Goode can be found on Twitter @Lauren Goode. Michael Calore is @Snack Wars. Bling Main Line @Gadget Lab. The show is hosted by Boone Ashworth (@boney ashworth). Our theme music is from Solar Keys.

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