What is Metaverse Roblox?

Metaverse seems to be the only word on anyone's lips nowadays and one of the most successful players in the metaverse world is Roblox. Let's see how it came to be so wildly popular.

The possibility of a metaverse exists. Virtual worlds have existed for a long time. Virtual reality hardware was also developed by companies. RBLX stock may benefit as investors scramble to pick the winners while Facebook promotes a Meta world and its Oculus headset. Roblox is a game creation and online gaming platform. Users create games that can be played by other users. Roblox is a pure-play meta investment, while Facebook touts its “Meta” rebrand to reflect its commitment to fitness, games, and the workplace. RBLX shares have soared to over $100 since their direct listing at $45, only to fall back. On the market’s euphoria for Meta, the stock could break out of its trading range.

Roblox in Numbers

Disciplined investors may want to wait until the company releases its third-quarter earnings after the market closes on Nov. 8. Roblox’s revenue increased by 127 percent to $454.1 million in the previous quarter. Despite this, the company lost $140.1 million. In addition, bookings increased by 35% to $665.5 million. This is insufficient for a company whose stock trades at a price-to-sales ratio of 32. Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) trades at a P/S ratio of 7 times. Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) has a similar price-to-earnings ratio. Both companies release blockbuster video games on a regular basis.

Roblox has a large user base and a popular platform, so the valuation is almost justified. Despite this, average daily active users increased by 29% year over year to 43.2 million. The growth was driven by DAU outside of the key US/Canada market. However, since average bookings per DAU fell 5% to 7% in July (to $4.75– $4.81), investors should not take a large position in the stock just yet.

Roblox is looking to branch out from its core gaming business. Roblox’s leaders may expand the number of virtual experiences available to users. It could, for example, provide historical city models. It may even allow users to visit imaginary or fictional locations.

Roblox as a Teaching Tool

On Roblox’s platform, new developers can learn how to make games. They could learn to program in Lua, an open-source language, by themselves. Roblox may attract many new game creators to its platform because it is free. Roblox added extensions to Luo to prevent developers from using the platform’s tools on another.

Roblox’s co-founder and CEO, David Baszucki, said it would liven up play avatars at the company’s annual developer conference. It will also allow for in-game monetization. Developers would be able to make more money sooner as a result of this. The company will transition from low-resolution gaming graphics to play avatars that are more realistic and customizable.

Roblox has a better chance than Meta of developing realism in the environment and avatars sooner. Due to the social networking site’s inability to achieve its goals despite spending billions, it may be forced to acquire Roblox.

A few gaming stocks may be of interest to meta investors. Roblox, whose metaverse is constantly evolving, could be losing money in the near future. This could put downward pressure on the stock price. Even so, market euphoria may prevail. Speculators are betting on a Facebook buyout or investment in Roblox, which could boost the game’s stock price.

There’s a reason why Roblox doesn’t trade at a discount. Its platform appeals to both players and programmers. This is also not slowing down. Roblox’s brand value will rise as more gamers join. Advertisers will spend more on the site as user activity increases. Players will spend more money on in-app purchases, which will benefit game developers. On the platform, developers will earn more money and create more products.

Roblox Network Effects

One powerful network effect exists in all great marketplace businesses (think Facebook, YouTube or AirBnB). There are two in Roblox:

First, more (and better) games lead to more (and better) users, which leads to more (and better) games. This is similar to YouTube (but far more difficult to replicate because it’s always been easy to upload videos to YouTube, whereas creating software that allows a non-coder to build a game is far more difficult).

Second, having more Roblox friends at any given time makes it more enjoyable to play, so having more users leads to a better experience, which attracts more users. A social network + a gaming platform (or, more precisely, “entertainment co-experience”).

Roblox is riding the wave of two unstoppable and ever-expanding cultural trends

Digital Worlds: With ever-more powerful devices and faster internet speeds, people are spending more time online and placing a greater value on their digital lives. People are clamoring for more entertainment and social interaction. The former is provided by games, while the latter is provided by Snap and Zoom. Roblox is one of the few places where both are available. Parents have begun to limit their children’s physical freedom as they perceive increasing risks in the real world. It was more common 50 years ago for young people to hang out outside with their friends and explore their neighborhood and beyond until dinnertime. Roblox isn’t just the most entertaining place to hang out with your friends–also it’s the safest.

Users fueled the creation of most of the entertainment in the last decade as software enabled amateurs to make good-enough content: YouTube made it easy to create videos; then MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, and Snap made it easy to post ever-more entertaining (and easier-to-make) updates; Apple and Google for podcasts, and more. Roblox now offers an unrivaled set of tools for people to make awesome things and share them with their friends.

A Metaverse Focused on Games

Hangouts, whether online or in person, must be enjoyable. Most early attempts at a Metaverse, including the one I ran, were simply virtual spaces that most people didn’t find entertaining. Roblox, on the other hand, is similar to Disney World because it began with the games. You go on the rides with your friends or family for the day. In and of themselves, the rides are fantastic.

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