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We are living in a world of ever-changing, excessive and misleading information that has little to no context. Way too much noise and so little insight. That’s what our writers and journalists aim to tackle right here.

With the increasing popularity of NFTs and the deafening metaverse hype, lots of people are striving to be a part of the new digital transformation. And on their journey to doing so, they are seeking accurate and trustworthy content to make informed decisions and create meaningful connections.

We are dedicated to exploring and reporting the fundamental concepts as well as the latest trends and developments from the fascinating world of digital currencies, tokens and worlds.

So let’s explore the new digital world together and see what 2022 has in store for all of us!

Web 3 is here
and it's not going anywhere

When art, creativity and blockchain collide, we get the digital world of today. 



From rare collectables to never-seen-before pieces of original artwork NFTs are the biggest push the art world needed and we are here for it. Creators, collectors and everyone in between NFTs are here to stay so get comfy and enjoy the ride.


Whether in virtual reality, augmented reality or simply on a screen, the metaverse is the greatest overlap of our digital and physical lives.  Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?


Crypto is taking the financial world by storm and we are here to document every single bit of it. Traditional banking bye, bye. Cryptocurrencies welcome aboard.